Concept of Gardens

PERSONALITY DESGNING THROUGH GARDINING OF MIND” is the central idea of the concept of ‘GARDENS‘ created by Dr. Daljit Singh. A person’s personality is the only source which transform ‘THOUGHT INTO THING’, Moreover the journey from planting a seed of thought to actually materializing it in the shape of a grown up plant is based upon a secret. The secret is a hidden philosophy which is a universal truth that has the power which is essential to achieve success in life. This is what happened with Dr.Daljit Singh, founder of GARDENS. Since 1996, when he was wandering in the universe of thoughts without any idea on how to transform them into things.
God’s grace brought him in contact with this philosophy. which completely transformed his life as he experienced and attained the magnetic power in his personality. He achieved success in all his endeavors where he followed this philosophy. But he had the desire to do a meaningful work in his life. In the eyes of god, meaningful work is the work which is done for the betterment of humankind and other living beings. With this dominating thought in his child mind and belief in God and himself, he conceived the concept of GARDENS. Since then, he is working on this burning desire. By blending his specializations of theatre and psychology in workshops, seminars and Online training of concept of GARDENS, he saw the accomplishment of this desire. Above all, GARDENS in its true essence, came into being with the contribution of all participants who are the not less than founders for soul and body of GARDENS. GARDENS looks in you also a founder member, a learner as well as leader for the growth of gardens and humankind. GARDENS a platform which is by the people of the people and for the people. GARDENS welcome you in GARDENS family.