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Freedom is the birth right of every individual. To lead a life rich in all aspects an individual need to achieve consciously three types of freedom – FREEDOM OF THOUGHT, PHYSICAL FREEDOM, and ECONOMIC FREEDOM. All these nurture each other. Undoubtedly FREEDOM OF THOUGHT is the supreme power and PHYSICAL FREEDOM is the source to transform that supreme power into action but ECONOMIC FREEDOM is a force which helps to achieve these goals. We all know that ECONOMY is the wheel which runs the society. One should know how to run this wheel and to confer this, GARDENS has come up with a proposal LEARNING WHILE EARNING. This is an ACTIVITY in which being part of the GROUP you will not only get a platform to increase your ECONOMIC power but will also experience personally the power of conscious THOUGHT PROCESS and The secret as a hidden philosophy which is a universal truth that has the power which is essential to achieve success in life also in achieving the definite goal as per the CONCEPT OF GARDENS. This will in turn transform your personality into a magnetic one.

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